With more than 6,000 small and micro-cap companies trading on our markets, we are uniquely positioned to understand the issues they face, and help them effectively navigate the public markets. That’s why we’ve partnered with IR Magazine to develop a Small Cap IR whitepaper series that addresses the unique challenges in navigating the public markets, including high fees and changing market structure.

A successful public market experience starts with developing a well thought out IR strategy.

The most successful small-cap companies are those that employ certain public company best practices.  For some issuers, this will require a fundamental examination of the business, its principals, goals and objectives, for others it will require getting the company’s financial house in order.

Our first whitepaper outlines three best practice tips small-cap companies need to create a solid foundation for their IR activities, including:

  • Selecting the right management team: Determining for example whether the company’s founder is the right choice to lead the company now that its public
  • Disclosure essentials: Tips for providing convenient and timely access to your news and financials
  • Establishing IR goals and objectives:  How setting clear and achievable IR goals can lead to long term success.

These best practices will help CEOs, CFOs and IROs strategically approach their company’s IR program, allowing them to meet the additional challenges faced by small cap companies.

You can download and read the complete whitepaper on IR Magazine: Part 1: Laying the Foundation of a Small-Cap IR Program