Cromwell Coulson’s Fireside Chat with Bob Pisani

Cromwell Coulson’s Lifetime Achievement Award and Dedication to STANY

April 19, 2018

The Security Traders Association of New York (STANY) honored OTC Markets Group CEO Cromwell Coulson with its 5th Annual Award for Lifetime Achievement and Dedication to STANY at its 82nd annual conference. Cromwell joined CNBC’s Bob Pisani for a Fireside Chat to talk about the evolution of OTC Markets Group and the contributions of  industry professionals that have leveraged their knowledge for the benefit of  both the trading community and investors.

OTC Markets Group CEO and President Cromwell Coulson and CNBC reporter Bob Pisani revisit a time before the advent of electronic trading.  The discussion focuses on how Cromwell, along with a group of investors, saw the value in making the pink sheets more transparent and electronic.  Through the valuable feedback and insight provided by the trading community, Cromwell created organized, efficient and data-driven markets  today knowns as OTC Markets Group.


Bob Pisani and Cromwell delve further into the discussion of bitcoin, where it fits in the regulatory scheme, how it is priced and the market’s job in assessing the risks. Cromwell also offers perspective on the role of short selling in today’s market.

Bob and Cromwell conclude their chat discussing volume in today’s current market and how to improve the process of capital raising by making it online, social and data-driven.

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