As the home for thousands of small-cap companies, we meet with issuers daily to help them work through the challenges associated with operating as a successful public company.  For each of these companies there are numerous aspects to consider – from how to take the company public and raise capital, to developing an effective IR program and targeting the right types of investors.  Our goal is simple – to help alleviate much of the cost, time and complexity associated with being a public company.

That’s why we’ve developed a straightforward guide in collaboration with IR Magazine.

The guide provides a variety of useful, applicable tips and checklists for small-cap companies seeking to raise capital and grow their businesses.

Topics covered:

  • IPO Alternatives
  • Capital Raising Guide – 5 key considerations for this crucial issue
  • Creating a Successful Small-Cap IR Program:
    • How to choose the right management team
    • The importance of providing good & timely disclosure
    • A successful IR program checklist
  • How to target the right investor:
    • The importance of research
    • How to use social media effectively
    • Coordinating a successful non-deal road show

To view the complete report: “Small-Cap Company Guide: Best Practices for being Public and Raising Capital” please visit IR Magazine.