OTCQX 500 … It’s about the journey

This month, the OTCQX Best Market hit the 500-company mark. This latest milestone is part of a journey that began with ten founding companies. Those early pioneers joined a new market built upon ongoing disclosure and qualitative financial standards. From investor-focused ADR issuers, established U.S. community banks and dividend paying companies, to innovative and emerging asset classes, the breadth of the OTCQX market has expanded to include a diverse range of today’s industry leaders.

Our vision for OTCQX was to create a platform that empowers more companies to be public. Developing a premium market for domestic and international companies to own their disclosure, communicate their investor proposition, and demonstrate strong corporate governance. Providing companies with the tools and transparency to gain the benefits of being public and distinguish themselves among their peers.

Charting this course, we’ve witnessed the trajectory of small, mid-size, and large international companies, many of whom we are proud to see upgrade to OTCQX. These companies earned their place in the capital markets, all while providing investors the benefits of trading their securities on an efficient, and cost-effective public market.

Our streamlined foreign disclosure standards, built on compliance with SEC Rule 12g3-2b, provide a global gateway for international companies to better inform and access U.S. investors. Distributing financial data and streaming disclosure helps global companies from over 24 countries increase visibility, expand trading access, and receive a fair valuation in the U.S. public market.

With a future that is online, data-driven, and social, we continue to see tangible results from those companies that choose the OTCQX Market to complement their investor relations strategy. From increased demand for our video series and remote Market Opens, to the record number of Virtual Investor Conferences, companies remain connected with stakeholders across the globe– driving investor engagement to fuel shareholder growth.

It goes without saying that it has been an immense privilege to become the market of choice for this esteemed group of 500 OTCQX companies. We thank you for your continued support as we build upon this success and look forward to welcoming hundreds of new companies in the years to come. Join us as we celebrate this momentous occasion:

R. Cromwell Coulson is President, CEO and a Director of OTC Markets Group, responsible for the company’s overall growth and strategic direction. Since leading the acquisition of OTC Markets’ predecessor business in 1997, Cromwell has transformed the company from a privately-held publisher of broker-dealer quotations into a publicly-traded company operating three public markets for 12,000 securities that trade nearly $445 billion in dollar volume annually. Cromwell is a strong advocate of improving capital formation, supporting a diverse ecosystem of broker-dealers, and empowering investors with increased disclosure and transparency. He has testified before Congress and spoken on these and other issues at numerous industry conferences. Cromwell is currently the Co-chair of the STANY Market Structure Committee and a former Chair (2017-2018) of the FINRA Market Regulation Committee that advises FINRA on rulemaking and trading issues. Prior to OTC Markets, Cromwell was an institutional trader and portfolio manager at Carr Securities Corporation. He holds an OPM from Harvard Business School and received his BBA from Southern Methodist University.

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